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I’ve been podcasting now since mid-February 2017 and I have to say it’s been both a revelation and a great delight to do it. I can’t believe that I didn’t start it sooner. My podcast covers not only GMI - Guitar & Music Institute Podcastthe guitar and great players, but also I have interviewed charities, inventors and businesses and entrepreneurs. I’ve interviewed people around the world who are engaged in creating new guitar and music related products and the listener ship figures just keep going up!

I never thought of myself as an interviewer before, but I am a total chatterbox so thinking up questions is not hard for me. I can, believe it or not, keep quiet and let the interviewee do all the talking. Anyway, if you are interested in listening to a music and guitar based podcast with some really interesting guests then you can do either of the following.

New Guests Coming All The Time

The great thing about the podcast is that it means I get to speak to some incredible people from across the world about how their careers have developed or indeed how they have build a business up from scratch using new digital technology.


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